About Me

Everyone can be an artist

Hi. Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Jessica. I am an artist. I am also a student, wife, mother and daughter. All of these parts of me are very important because they are the building blocks of myself. 

As an artist, I enjoy trying new things while embracing the old things. I started loving art as a child when my father taught me how to color inside the lines. I loved doodling and coloring. I received my first painting commission in 2015. It's what drove me to pursue a degree in art. I attended TCC's Visual Art Center in 2016 and received my Studio Arts, Associates in Applied Art degree with a pre-art therapy concentration. I transferred to  Virginia Wesleyan University in 2018, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After my first semester, I chose to add the Women and Gender Studies minor. During my time at Virginia Wesleyan I had the opportunity to be a lab assistant for a professor researching eating disorders and the affect social media has on it. I was selected to attend an inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference hosted by the VFIC, and I was selected to be on four honor societies. This spring I will be graduating with honors. I am currently in the process of applying to ODU for the Institute for the Humanities, Visual Studies program. I hope to take the knowledge that I’ve gained through my psychology degree and combine it with the visual studies program in order to open an art community center.

I love being an artist and I want everyone to be able to find their creative outlet, whether it be through visual arts or any other artistry that inspires them. I love to meet people and understand them and what drives them. I am about community over competition. Let me know how I can help.