Art Pen Pals

The Art Pen Pal Program is a great way to start creating art. I will send a box containing a starter piece of art, a personalized letter and two (2) pre-stamped envelopes. The person receiving the box will then use the personalized letter to add to the enclosed starter piece of art. They will return the art in the pre-addressed stamped envelope. When I receive the art I will add to it and return it to the new artist. At this time, the artist can choose to add to the piece and return it to myself for additional artwork, keep for personal use, or use the second pre-stamped envelope to forward to someone of their choosing. 

This process will encourage and allow the recipients to explore the world around them for inspiration. It will also give the new artist the opportunity to collaborate with a seasoned artist and ask questions to find out more.

There is also a sponsorship program. If you are not interested in having an art pen pal, but want to make sure no child is denied the opportunity, contact myself to donate. 

Contact me through my contact page for more information.


Great for kids and adults