Art Community Center

Art Class

Right now Jessica's Art Community Center is a dream, but it is a dream with drive. Jessica's dream is to have an art community center in Hampton Roads. The art center will be non-profit with a sliding pay scale. The center will have studio space for many different types of art mediums. There will be several classrooms for art classes and workshops and there will be space for art therapists to work with clients. The classes and workshops will include art technique classes, workshops on how to properly frame and display art, as well as relaxing therapeutic art classes. As an added incentive for members to take classes and use the studio space, the walls of the center will be used to display members art. Not only will this give artists a chance to show their art and possibly sell some of their art, it will also give them experience to show on their art CVs. The sliding pay scale is an important detail for me in this center. I do not want finances to be a reason for someone to not discover their imagination and creative abilities. I want to give the members the opportunity to volunteer community hours in the center in exchange for membership fees.

Keep an eye on this page for Jessica's progress on the art center, as well as ways you may be able to help her see out this vision.